Beyond The Turnstile Ep. 2- Imaginary Worlds

If you thought #Epcot's annual #Flower & #Garden #Festival was the only place to catch your favorite #Disney characters as #mosiaculture sculptures, think again. I visited the #Atlanta #Botanical #Garden for the Imaginary Worlds: #Alice's #Wonderland mosiaculture exhibit, and was blown away!

Who knew that Wonderland was in Atlanta's Botanical Gardens this entire time?

The Annual Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot is quite a sight to see. Every year from March-June, hundreds of thousands of flowers are arranged into sculptures of your favorite Disney characters. It is one of my favorite festivals to attend at Epcot. So when I found out that the Atlanta Botanical Garden was hosting an exhibition with a Disney twist from May-October, I hastened to attend.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden has permanent flower sculptures, known as mosiaculture sculptures, that can be seen year round. However, during the special Imaginary Worlds. Alice's Wonderland exhibit, the garden introduced new mosiaculture sculptures based on the whimsical children's novel by Lewis Carrol.

I started off the day by driving into the city of Atlanta to the Botanical Garden. The Garden is actually adjacent to Piedmont Park, and there is a parking garage that is shared between the Garden and the Park. The parking does cost, and the parking garage is divided into levels between the two venues.

I went on a Saturday close to the closing of the exhibit, in the middle of the day, and the crowds were definitely thick. I would suggest either going earlier into the exhibition display dates, early in the morning, or on the weekdays for the best experience. It was a feat to get photos of the mosiaculture sculptures without someone's random head, or child being in it.

There were a good number(eleven) of mosiaculture sculptures. Of course, it was not the same number that you would expect to see at Epcot during Flower and Garden, but it was enough for a few hours. Plus, the Garden has many other things: Japanese garden, greenhouses, water fountains; to keep one entertained.

The Garden has a restaurant that I did not get a chance to eat at. However, there are also kiosks around the Garden that sell beverages and light refreshments for those who grow hungry or thirsty. If you are bringing little ones, this is definitely a day to pack some lunches or snacks. I would also highly recommend a stroller for small children, as there are a lot of people and places for young ones to wander off to and get lost.

At the end of my visit, I decided to upgrade to the membership. The price of your daily admission is applied if you decide to upgrade the day of your visit. The membership allows you to visit whenever you want, and gives you discounts on merchandise and other season events held at the Garden throughout the year. A little known fact is that the Garden has a reciprocity program that includes over 300 other gardens around the country, where members get free admission to those as well.

The Imaginary Worlds exhibit is included with the price of standard admission to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It runs from May to October. If you missed it this year, the Atlanta Botanical Garden holds this event annually. There is also a sister exhibition that is held at the Gainesville Botanical Garden in Gainesville, Georgia. For more information about the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the Imaginary Worlds Exhibit, you can visit their website here. For a deeper look into my experience, check out my blog of my day at the Garden below.

This was a wonderful experience, and definitely gave me the feeling that I was at Epcot enjoying the Flower and Garden Festival. If you're in the Atlanta area, I definitely recommend giving the Botanical Garden a visit.

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